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Accessing food during the Coronavirus pandemic reminder

There are a range of measures in place if you need help accessing food during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you already have support to get food for example from friends, family or neighbours then you should continue to avail of this support if you can.

If you don’t have support in place but you are able to afford food, there are several options available. Asda, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have now confirmed they will allocate a proportion of online delivery slots to people who have shielding letters. This is for primarily for people who do not have arrangements in place with family or friends or wider support to get food. To register for an online delivery slot you need to complete a form on NI Direct which can be accessed with this link. Over 200 Spar and Vivo shops across Northern Ireland are now offering a home delivery service for vulnerable people. You can find the full list and contact details of each store by clicking this link. Many Centra stores are also now operating a delivery service and you can find their details here. Who is Delivering? is a Facebook page with a directory of local businesses who are delivering fresh food, groceries and pre made meals to people in Northern Ireland. You can also use the interactive map. Volunteers may also be able to pick up your shopping from a local shop. You can search the Community and Voluntary Directory for local organisations who are providing this support or contact the COVID-19 Community Helpline on 0808 802 0020 who will be able to make a referral to your local Council for help from a volunteer.

FOOD SUPPORT Additional support is available if you are unable to afford food and don’t have a support network in place to help you (for example, help from family or friends). This support can include a referral to a local foodbank if you are unable to afford food but you are able to leave your home. If you are unable to afford food and have been notified to shield for 12 weeks by your GP, local Council Hubs may be able to provide a food box for you. It is important that people are aware that the number of food parcels available is limited. You can contact the COVID-19 Community Helpline on 0808 802 0020 for support or complete this form.

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