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Fundraising for Ballycastle Food Bank

Message from the Ballycastle Foodbank Team

Dear Everyone,

Our local Ballycastle Foodbank has been working flat out for the last few weeks and as a result of the churches closing a vital source of food replenishment has been lost and certain stocks are running very very low. One means of solving this is by making a donation of cash to Ballycastle Foodbank.

This has the added benefit of being able to buy the required goods in bulk from Lynas`, Coleraine and because they are coming in bulk they are wrapped in the plastic from the food processor. This cuts down the chance of virus contamination significantly.

If you are a regular Foodbank donor or have never done so before please consider donating by this new means.

The Foodbank helped over 50, yes 50 families last week due to unemployment and schools being closed and no free school meals being available.

You can donate directly to the Ballycastle Foodbank Bank

Sort code: 95-06-79

A/C No. 00174637

Bank Danske Bank Ballycastle Branch

or click on the image below to donate through Go Fund Me

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