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Executive brings forward timetable of indicative recovery dates 25th June

Indicative dates for further relaxations to the Coronavirus regulations have been announced by the Executive today. (25th June)

The comprehensive timetable of indicative dates is intended to give notice that will help to facilitate preparations for safe restart and reopening. Each proposed easement will remain under review until it can be ratified by the Executive ahead of the indicative date, based on the emerging situation. The indicative relaxations agreed by the Executive today include:

  • Resumption of contact sport training (29 June)

  • Reopening of betting shops (3 July)

  • Resumption of further close contact services including tattoo parlours, piercings and spas (6 July)

  • Reopening of indoor gyms (10 July)

  • Reopening of outdoor leisure playgrounds (10 July)

  • Reopening of libraries (16 July)

  • Competitive sports (17 July)

  • Limited numbers of outdoor spectators permitted (17 July) with numbers increased at a later date (31 July)

  • Reopening of seated venues including cinemas and bingo halls (29 July)

  • Reopening of indoor sports courts and skating rinks (7 August)

  • Reopening of arcades (29 July)

  • Leisure centres and soft play areas (7 August)

  • Socially distanced indoor spectators permitted (28 August)

  • Open air museums (late August)

There will be further consideration of weddings and funerals and other gatherings early next week.

Following an update on the current virus transmission levels, the Executive has also confirmed the following relaxations to take effect over the coming weeks:

  • Opening places of worship from Monday, 29 June;

  • Indoor training for elite and grass roots athletes, 29 June;

  • Holiday and tourism accommodation, including holiday apartments, homes, cottages, bungalows, caravan parks and campsites from tomorrow, 26 June;

  • Travel to stay in a second home from tomorrow, 26 June;

  • The re-opening of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops from 3 July;

  • The re-opening of visitor attractions from 3 July; and

  • The re-opening of nail, hair, beauty, barbers, tanning salons, electrolysis and acupuncture from 6 July.

  • The Executive continued its consideration of social distancing requirements and have agreed that 2 metres remains the optimum distance to maintain physical distance where possible. However, the Executive has indicated that, where appropriate mitigations can be made, a distance of no less than 1 metre between individuals should be adhered to. Ministers will engage quickly with the hospitality sector to discuss this issue.

You can read the full press release HERE

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