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Helplines NI has been updated to include details of helplines that have been set up in response to COVID-19 to support people in Northern Ireland.

All in one easy to find location.

e.g. COVID-19 Community Helpline

Befriending Helpline

COVID-19 Diabetes Helpline

COVID-19 Roma Helpline

and many more!

To find out about the helpline services available visit:

Helplines NI is a membership–led organisation consisting of over 30 different helplines operating across Northern Ireland. The helplines provide a variety of vital support services including, information, advice, counselling, a listening ear and be-friending, and offer immediate support to those with a wide-range of health and wellbeing needs, often for those who are the most vulnerable in our community. Many of the services take place over the phone, but some can help via email, text and in some cases with live web-chat.

Not all helplines are free to call, so please check each website for more information.

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