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Update Food Box Scheme Ends 31 July

Important Information from Department of Communities

All food box deliveries are ending on 31 July

The Department for Communities, your local council, health trusts and local voluntary and community organisations have been supporting communities during the COVID-19 pandemic – this has included delivering boxes of essential food as part of an emergency programme.

You have been receiving this food box because you (or someone who looks out for you) told us that

you were asked to shield by your GP and stay at home; and that you had no other available help or

alternative way to get food.

You will have received a letter in your food box at the end of June advising you that the food box service for anyone shielding will end on 31 July.

The Department of Health announced that the shielding period will be paused from 31 July. Whilst the shielding period has been paused, the Department of Health has advised that wherever possible, you should avoid enclosed spaces where social distancing is hard to maintain – such as public transport and shops.

Changes to food box deliveries

We understand that it may not always be possible for you to avoid shops and would advise you to take one of the following steps where possible:

• Secure a weekly online delivery slot from one of the large supermarkets. There is a system in place for anyone shielding to register for priority online delivery up until 31 July – we’ve provided more details on this below. Even if you don’t register for the priority delivery set up for the shielded group, you can still go directly to the supermarkets to secure an online slot – this will be subject to availability.

• Ask a family member, friend or neighbour to help you to get the food and household items you need

• Arrange delivery from a local store

We understand that the transition away from having a weekly food box delivered may be difficult and that you may still need help to access food after 31 July. If you still need help please contact the COVID 19 Community Helpline where an advisor will match you with other local help and support that meets your needs going forward.

COVID 19 Community Helpline 0808 802 0020, text ACTION to 81025, or email or visit

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